9th International Oak Society Conference 2018

The UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden will host the next IOS Conference in October 2018


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Cultivar Close-up: Thread and Lace

Ryan Russell reviews Quercus petraea 'Laciniata Crispa' and Q. alba 'Gatton Grave'

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A New Oak Collection in Porto

The Botanical Garden of Porto, Portugal is starting a collection of oaks.

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Species Spotlight

Quercus semecarpifolia is the main forest-forming evergreen tree species from upper temperate to subalpine regions in Western Himalaya.

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American Oaks Share a Common Northern Ancestor

North American oaks have a northern temperate origin and only later colonized Mexico and Central America, according to a new study. 
Photo: Quercus invaginata © Béatrice Chassé

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New Mexico 2017 Tour

Charles Snyer's account of the oak field trip organized by Michael Meléndrez in New Mexico
(and a bit of Arizona) in August 2017. 

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