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By Ryan Russell |
Aug 1, 2016

Named in honor of one of America’s first botanists, John Bartram, Quercus ×heterophylla is known by many as Bartram’s oak.

By Website Editor |
Jul 31, 2016

A reliable asexual propagation method for oaks is crucial for intrducing superior hybrid oak selections into the nursery trade as named cultivars. 

By Eike Jablonski |
Jun 11, 2016

Karl Georg Theodor Kotschy was an Austrian botanist and eminent plant explorer. He died 150 years ago in Vienna on June 11, 1866.

By Roderick Cameron |
Jun 9, 2016

The first IOS Oak Open Day event south of the Equator took place April 22-24, 2016, in Argentina.

By Website Editor |
Jun 4, 2016

Quercus ilicifolia is a little oak with a big name: bear oak. 

By Michael Avishai |
Jun 4, 2016

A review of the assemblage of the oaks known as the "vallonea oaks" or "aegilops oaks" from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant.

By Anonymous |
Apr 4, 2016

Following the 2015 IOS Conference, the Plant Collecting Collaborative traveled to the Southeastern United States on a seed collection expedition with a goal of collecting as many Quercus taxa as possible, particularly focusing on species of conservation concern.

By Roderick Cameron |
Apr 3, 2016

The subject of the latest addition to our series on Historic Oaks may seem an odd choice, for all that remains of the tree is an ivy-covered stump in the grounds of an Abbey in Nottinghamshire, England. This stump, however, merits our attention, for thereby hangs not only a tale, but a poem.

By Shaun Haddock |
Jan 28, 2016

In July 2015 a group of IOS members visited Gredington in north Wales and Ness Botanic Garden near Liverpool, England.

By Roderick Cameron |
Jan 26, 2016

At the Gala Banquet held in the Gingko Restaurant of The Morton Arboretum on Tuesday, October 20, the International Oak Society presented its 2015 Service Awards. 


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