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Quercus sontraensis
Quercus sontraensis grows in the Son Tra Peninsula
Roderick Cameron | Oct 19, 2022
Lobed leaf on Quercus rugosa
We know that some oaks, particularly Quercus robur, can...
Allen Coombes | Oct 18, 2022
Shaun Haddock receives an award for Eike Jablonski
Service awards recognize contributions to genus Quercus and...
Shaun Haddock | Oct 14, 2022

Plant Focus

Quercus tonduzii with acorn
An oak found only on a volcano in Costa Rica

Eternal Forest Conversation: The Mighty Oak

Event Date: 
Friday, 22 April 2022

This event brings together artists, scientists, researchers and lovers of genus Quercus, and of course the Mighty Oak itself. They will explore oak biodiversity, their evolutionary story, and their ecological place. Participants will hear about their spiritual significance and mythical aspects. They will learn about the revival of foods from acorns in Portugal, considered staple food for many indigenous people around the world. They will connect to the essence of Mighty Oak through a contemplative druidic journey. And they will hear from artists sharing their stories of encounters with grand oak trees.

For more information and to purchase tickets for this online event, click here.

Eternal Forest is a project with the vision to create 1,000 biodiverse Forest Sanctuaries around the world, through art and local community engagement, protected for 1,000 years. 

You can read more about the vision of Eternal Forest here,  or on the web site: https://eternalforest.earth/ 

Mighty Oak


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