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Plant Focus

Quercus skinneri
Quercus skinneri is a Central American oak, distinguished by the large size of its fruit.

Mighty Wild Releases New Website Dedicated to Edible Acorn Community

Mighty Wild

After seven years of trying to turn acorns into a commercial product in the United States, we are sad to report that Mighty Wild is shutting its doors. However, with every door closed, a window opens. That window is a new website dedicated to the edible acorn community. Mightywild.com provides an insight into the trials and tribulations of an edible acorn startup. The site takes a Q&A format to the inner workings of how to make acorn flour. It amalgamates acorn recipes from all over the web. Not to be missed is an astounding video by acorn experts Bill Logan and David Bainbridge. Also, it goes as deep as to reveal private research on debittering acorns.

Co-founder, Mimi Brown, relays that she hopes fellow balanophagy enthusiasts from cooks to future entrepreneurs to recreational acorn consumers will see the website as a resource. If you would like to contribute information to the site, feel free to reach out to her at mimi.brown@mightywild.com.