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Oak Open Day at Starhill Arboretum

Event Date: 
Saturday, 2 September 2017

The Western Hemisphere version of the IOS 25th Anniversary event will take place on September 2 at Starhill Forest Arboretum in Menard County, Illinois. It will be low-key and Midwest casual, with a simple cookout meal and reminiscences from a few of the old-timers present. The Starhill acorn display, historic Lincoln tree cross section, and other exhibits will be available for viewing. A small seed/plant exchange (commemorative of the origin of the IOS) will be included so bring your early harvests! We also might have some field discussions of strange oaks and their identification, one of the favorite parts of most IOS field trips and open-day events. We will view some of the original ortet trees of Starhill Forest's oak cultivar selections as well, plus a few other special trees, and you will have an opportunity to walk through some of the largest PCN-certified oak collection in North America. Several current IOS board members will be here to receive your ideas and provide their visions for the future as well. 

Starhill Forest is located at 12000 Boy Scout Trail, south of Petersburg, Illinois along the historic road traveled by the future President Lincoln during his horseback rides in the 1830s from New Salem to Springfield. For those arriving the night before, a small block of rooms is being held until 1 August at Riverbank Lodge (217-632-0202), 7 miles north in Petersburg -- mention that you are part of the Starhill Forest group when you register. A few rooms also should be available there for the night of the event for those who choose not to leave for home until the following day. If participation exceeds the available space there, additional rooms are available at many of the commercial hotels in Springfield, Illinois, 15 miles from Starhill Forest, and camp sites are available at Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site, 5 miles away.    

 Several people have indicated already that they plan to come. Please register (tours@internationaloaksoceity.org) by the end of July if you would like to participate so that we may plan accordingly. Questions should be directed to Guy Sternberg at Guy@StarhillForest.com.  

Entrance to Starhill Forest Arboretum

Osage orange (Maclura pomifera)
© Roderick Cameron


Starhill Arboretum
Petersburg Illinois
United States
39° 56' 7.4292" N, 89° 48' 3.4524" W
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