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Plant Focus

Quercus texana New Madrid acorn
Disentangling the cultivar published as Quercus texana ‘New Madrid’

A Request to IOS Members to Participate in an Oak Research Project

Alex Kirsch, a master's candidate at Minnesota State University, Mankato, is conducting a study with Dr. Matthew Kaproth on ecological specialization in oaks. Alex would greatly appreciate it if IOS members could participate in a survey designed to provide a dataset for the comparison of specialization between different Quercus species.

If you choose to participate, the links (organized by geographic region) below will take you through many Quercus species.  Simply select an answer from 1-5, based on how specialized you believe the corresponding species is, with 5 being the most specialized, while 1 is for those that aren't much specialized at all.  Below each name is a link that will provide information on that species, so that you may remind yourself of it, and to ensure everyone is thinking of the same species.  Don't feel obligated to speak for every species; questions can be left blank, or checked as "no familiarity". 

Feel free to contact Alex at alex.kirsch@mnsu.edu with any questions!

Survey Links by Biogeographic Region  

Oaks of Mexico, Central America, Arizona, and New Mexico (76 Species):   


Oaks of eastern North America (59 Species):  


Oaks of California Floristic Province and the Pacific Northwest (25 Species):  


Oaks of Eurasia (21 Species):   



Note: If you're not familiar with the concepts of specialization, don't feel pressured to participate or to define the terms! You can also refer to this paper for more information on these concepts:

Devictor, V., J. Clavel, R. Julliard, S. Lavergne, D. Mouillot, W. Thuiller, P. Venail, S. Villéger, and N. Mouquet. 2010. Defining and measuring ecological specialization. Journal of Applied Ecology 47: 15-25. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-2664.2009.01744.x