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Piers Trehane
Last March marked the 10 years since the death of Piers...
Roderick Cameron | Apr 13, 2021
Quercus Propagation Manual Cover
A new publication fills a void.
Roderick Cameron | Feb 13, 2021
Emory oak near Young, Arizona © Nanebah Lyndon
Emory oak acorns are a critically important commodity for...
Website Editor | Feb 12, 2021

Plant Focus

Quercus stenophylloides is a medium-sized evergreen oak (15–18 m tall) restricted to central and northern Taiwan.

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Shaun Haddock reviews Keiko Tokunaga's latest book.
Keiko Tokunaga's second book, “Illustrated Flora of Fagaceae Trees of the World”, was published in November 2020.
This renowned Quercus robur caught the eye of an artist and concealed refugees.
The Red List of Oaks 2020 has been published, detailing the completed IUCN Red List threat assessments for oaks.
Quercus skinneri is a Central American oak, distinguished by the large size of its fruit.
In early November Trompenburg Arboretum announced the sad news that Riet van Hoey Smith had died on October 24th, aged 97.
David "Dave" Varel of Albers, Illinois passed away September 6, 2020.
Marcescent leaves persist on deciduous trees through winter.
A guest post by Matt Candeias, host of the In Defense of Plants podcast and blog
One of the world's leading oak collections is located in Basque Country, northern Spain.
An homage to the oak tree and the important role it plays today, in our landscape and in our lives
The Global Conservation Consortium for Oak (GCCO) sent out their first quarterly newsletter in late July.


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