Board of Directors, Officers, Functions & Committees

All of these people may be contacted through the Membership Directory, accessible on the home page if you are a member of the Society.

Board of Directors 2015-2018

Roderick Cameron, Béatrice Chassé, Gert Fortgens, Shaun Haddock, James Hitz, Ryan Russell, Charles Snyers d'Attenhoven


  • President: Charles Snyers d’Attenhoven
  • Vice-President: Shaun Haddock
  • Secretary: Gert Fortgens
  • Treasurer: James Hitz


  • Editor International Oaks: Béatrice Chassé
  • Co-Editor International Oaks: Allen Coombes
  • Tour Director: Shaun Haddock
  • Editor Oak News & Notes: Roderick Cameron
  • Co-Editor Oak News & Notes: Ryan Russell
  • Website Editor: Roderick Cameron
  • Website Administrator: Charles Snyers d'Attenhoven


  • Finance Committee: James Hitz (chair), Gert Fortgens, Shaun Haddock, Charles Snyers d’Attenhoven
  • Editorial Committee:  Béatrice Chassé (chair), Allen Coombes, Ryan Russell, Roderick Cameron, Shaun Haddock, Dirk Giseburt
  • Taxonomy and Oak Cultivars Committee: Ryan Russell (chair), Michael Avishai, Béatrice Chassé, Allen Coombes, Min Deng, William Hess, Andrew Hipp, Eike Jablonski, Charles Snyers, Francisco Vázquez Pardo, Patrick Vereecke
  • Tour Committee: Shaun Haddock (chair), Roderick Cameron, Stewart Winchester