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Quercus sontraensis
Quercus sontraensis grows in the Son Tra Peninsula
Roderick Cameron | Oct 19, 2022
Lobed leaf on Quercus rugosa
We know that some oaks, particularly Quercus robur, can...
Allen Coombes | Oct 18, 2022
Shaun Haddock receives an award for Eike Jablonski
Service awards recognize contributions to genus Quercus and...
Shaun Haddock | Oct 14, 2022

Plant Focus

Quercus tonduzii with acorn
An oak found only on a volcano in Costa Rica

Caps and T-shirts for Sale!

Caps and T-shirts from the 10th IOS Conference are available for purchase (IOS members only). The cap features the IOS logo; the T-shirt has the Las Cruces Conference logo (designed by Ryder Russell) on the front and on the back illustrations by botanical illustrator David More of different oak species from the U.S. Southwest. Five different designs are available: Quercus ajoensis, Q. graciliformis, Q. palmeri, Q. gravesii, and Q. rugosa (each T-shirt features one species).

10th Conference T-Shirts
10th IOS Conference T-shirts

The following sizes are available: 

  • Q. ajoensis: Small, Large
  • Q. graciliformis: Small, 3X-Large
  • Q. palmeri: Small, Medium, Large
  • Q. gravesii: Small, Large
  • Q. rugosa: Small

The cost of the cap is USD 15; T-shirts are USD 13 each. To order these items please write to postmaster@internationaloaksociety.org. Shipping cost will depend on the destination and will be confirmed when you place your order.

IOS Caps
International Oak Society cap

A special thank you to Ryder and David for contributing their artwork!