Oak Artists

Artsits and illustrators using oaks as subject matter

William Guion's picture

If I wanted to make stronger, more meaningful images, I should pick something that I love and photograph it again and again: “Follow what your heart is drawn to,” he said, “and in time, your feelings will begin to show though in your work.”

Kyle Spradley's Photographs of the McBaine Bur Oak

Photographer Kyle Spradley has taken portraits of "The Big Tree" over the course of almost a decade, in every season and weather condition.

Beth Moon's Portraits of Oaks

Continuing our series Oak Artists, we look at portraits of ancient English oaks by California-based photographer Beth Moon.  Her photos in black and white, which she prefers to color because it is “less distracting, allowing form to become more visible,” are suffused with a luminosity that make them memorable portraits, capturing an essence that would not be apparent to the naked eye or a standard color photograph.


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