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Quercus sontraensis
Quercus sontraensis grows in the Son Tra Peninsula
Roderick Cameron | Oct 19, 2022
Lobed leaf on Quercus rugosa
We know that some oaks, particularly Quercus robur, can...
Allen Coombes | Oct 18, 2022
Shaun Haddock receives an award for Eike Jablonski
Service awards recognize contributions to genus Quercus and...
Shaun Haddock | Oct 14, 2022

Plant Focus

Quercus tonduzii with acorn
An oak found only on a volcano in Costa Rica


We know that some oaks, particularly Quercus robur, can produce forms with unusually cut leaves.
Lobed leaf on Quercus rugosa
Posted Tue, 2022-10-18 11:05 in Allen Coombes's blog
Being a lover of nature and photography, I often saunter around in a narrow mountain ridge in Pretoria, South Africa, with the purpose of getting some exercise, enjoying nature and photography
Posted Sun, 2022-10-16 10:49 in Tjeerd de Wit's blog
It turns out quite a number of countries have issued stamps featuring oaks...
Posted Sat, 2022-06-11 19:17 in Roderick Cameron's blog
What to know about participating in the IOS Seed Exchange
Posted Sun, 2022-04-17 01:08 in Guy Sternberg's blog
At the 2012 IOS Conference at The Morton Arboretum, our first IOS silent auction was held.
Posted Sun, 2022-04-17 00:56 in Ryan Russell's blog
A Latvian oak enthusiast shares his composition that aims to express the idea of an oak tree.
Posted Fri, 2022-04-15 18:32 in Website Editor's blog
Filmmakers have not shown oaks in their portrayals of Birnam Wood.
Posted Fri, 2022-04-15 13:24 in Roderick Cameron's blog
A catalog of Paco's photos and descriptions of Fagaceae at the Iturraran Botanical Garden
Quercus hypoxantha
Posted Thu, 2022-02-17 22:19 in Ezra Barnea's blog
The author Sennen crops up regularly among the Spanish oaks.
Posted Sun, 2022-02-13 10:38 in Patrick Vereecke's blog
Spanish has many words related to acorns.
Quercus suber acorn
Posted Wed, 2021-12-01 22:02 in Roderick Cameron's blog
Using acorns to teach maths
Acorn-ulator Cover
Posted Thu, 2021-10-14 14:48 in Website Editor's blog