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Phylogenetic tree
IOS members Paul Manos (Duke University) and Andrew Hipp (...
Andrew Hipp | Jun 16, 2021
Despite damage, the Lyytikkylä Oak is still the thickest...
Juha Fagerholm | Jun 10, 2021
Quercus cerris champion tree in spring 2016. Photo from Šušić et al. (2016)
In Serbian tradition, in almost every village or hamlet...
Nikola Šušić | Jun 10, 2021

Plant Focus

The Compton oak at Colonial Williamsburg
A natural hybrid between Quercus lyrata (overcup oak) and Q. virginiana (Southern live oak)

ArbNet 10th Anniversary Virtual Conference

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 14 September 2021 to Thursday, 16 September 2021

Registration is now open for the ArbNet 10th Anniversary Virtual Conference: Partnering to Protect and Plant Trees. September 14-16, 2021

ArbNet celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Arbor Day, 2021. Similar to a tree's growth, forming branches, leaves, and roots, ArbNet has grown significantly, branching out into a worldwide community of arboreta and establishing itself as an internationally recognized, resourceful network over the last 10 years. To commemorate this milestone, The Morton Arboretum will host a conference that recognizes the valuable tree collections and unique expertise of arboreta. ArbNet 10th Anniversary Virtual Conference: Partnering to Plant & Protect Trees will be an opportunity for ArbNet's community of arboreta and tree-focused professionals to engage with and learn from each other, celebrate institutional and programmatic achievements, and understand how ArbNet can be a resource for their growth.

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