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Quercus xjackiana acorns
The hybrid of Q. alba and Q. bicolor

Ed Holm (1930 - 2018)

Edmond Holm

Ed Holm lived in Redwood City, California and was born on 4 September 1930 and died 1 January 2018. He spent his career with San Mateo High School teaching biology, horticulture, field biology, and desert ecology, and he had been the president of the district teachers' association there. When he retired in 1993 he began working part time at a nursery in Redwood City assisting customers, writing their newsletter, consulting, and preparing landscape designs. Following the 1997 meeting he became the Journal archivist for IOS. All of the extra Journal copies that were printed were shipped to him, and along with warehousing them he filled orders involving new members as well as back issues for many years. Besides being a long-time member of IOS he was a member of the California Horticulture Society and the California Native Plant Society and a former president and trustee of the Saratoga Horticulture Foundation. Ed did not seek the limelight and truly was a man for the trees—his work behind the scenes for IOS helped us become one of the greatest plant societies on planet Earth.