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New IOS Web site launched


It is my pleasure to announce that we have just launched a new IOS Web site.  Our previous Web site was built on an open source content management system called Drupal.  We moved it to a more recent version of Drupal.  In the process, we standardized and simplified the Web site to make it easier to use and easier to upgrade in the future. 


The main change will however not be visible to most of you.  We have indeed moved membership management on line.  This will change the way the membership director and the treasurer (and the rest of the board) will manage our membership, as it will automate some of their work.  To members, the visible part is that membership can be renewed on line and member dues can be paid on line too via PAYPAL.    


Most information on the Web site is accessible by all.  However, we kept the username/password to restrict access to the on line membership directory to members only.  Members can also post comments on the Web site.  This option is not available to unregistered visitors, the main reason being to avoid irrelevant comments such as comments about Viagra and its virtues or proposals to buy Nigerian oil barrels. 


Note, however, that if we migrated the existing users from the old to the new Web site, it has not been possible to migrate the passwords.  Therefore, to log on to the new Web site, you need to request a new password which will be sent to the email address you will input.  Use the address to which this email was sent. 


Please follow this link to request a new password: http://www.internationaloaksociety.org/user/password


Charles Snyers

IOS Web Site Administrator